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About us

In the year 2021 we met to form a professional music group. Our group's collaborative efforts were born out of a strong desire to do what we love most: music.

All the groups when they are born think alike, in the possibility of becoming "very famous".

We already are, and all we want is to have fun doing what we've been doing all our lives, playing live andA FEW LAUGHS.

The band works around the clock preparing for performances to ensure that their recordings and live performances are in perfect harmony.

Discover below the members ofNO GIRL.

Here we are

JAVI solo_edited.jpg

Drums, percussion and chorus


Guitars, solo voice y  choir


Keyboards and sense  arachnid

EDU solo_edited.jpg

Bass,  Lead vocals, backing vocals

RAMIRO solo_edited.jpg

Guitar and underground effects

And now we invite you to know the only and true story of NONINA

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The history



After wandering through life for many years and coinciding in different acts and  sites related to music, our heroes meet in the house, or room of one of them, nicknamed "Pepineti", with the purpose  de  pass  a magical afternoon among friends knights in arms.

At first there were 2, "el cocinilla" and "el baquetas", to taste delicacies, wines and other trifles, coming to the conviction that music was the first, and perhaps the only thing necessary to develop his feats.

It was the year of the Lord 2021, and after a select intake of delicacies, it was when they began to devise a plan to create confusion, joy and illusion, in the beings of the place, called "earth", and for this, they called 2 other gentlemen so that all  would have more strength and credibility to undertake this adventure.

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